20 Feb 18, 21:22

Green coffee of thousand hills

We propose green coffee from Rwanda which has characteristics
below :
* Our cafe is in the category of «Fully washed coffee».

* The variety of our coffee: Arabica Bourbon Mayaguez 139.

* Our coffee is grown at high altitudes between 1700m and 2500m.

* Processing of coffee:
The ripe cherries are harvested by hand to choose ripe cherries and flawless.
The cherries are floated in the water again in eliminate cherries with defects before putting them in a pulping machine.

The pulped coffee is then fermented to dry for 4-6 hours after which it is washed and graded placed on drying tables where they will remain guarded until it is dried enough by the standards of qualifications (12% -13 % moisture).

The coffee is then dried and sorted by hand to detect lower seed with default.

The fact that our coffee is produced at high altitudes
and appropriate treatment gives it an excellent taste and aroma which ranks him among the best with a score of over 84%.

Price from 6 euros/Kg

For orders of more than 20 tons, delivery is free !!